Thursday, July 19, 2007

The truth

Gold is precious not just because it is rare but because it possesses certain desirable qualities. It does not tarnish, it is lustrous, etc.

Things do not have to be rare to be precious. Every half-decent parent knows that their son or daughter is precious beyond compare, regardless of the millions of other sons and daughters of other people out romping in the world. And even if one family has a dozen children, each child in it is special and precious to them.

So is it possible to believe and declare that the vast majority of Women in the world are beautiful, without cheapening the word? Could I even dare to push it to 100 percent?

I think so.

As WGM's writers have said, there is a beauty in, and something to love about, every Woman who lives and breathes on this Earth of ours.

Carmen's blog today thrills me, absolutely thrills me. It is one thing for a guy like me or the guys of WGM (I know that they do have a Woman on their team) to tell the Women in our lives that They are beautiful. It is another thing entirely for a Woman to know it and to declare it Herself -- and to positively rejoice in the divinely granted honor of being a Woman.

It is truth. It is precious, glorious, wonderful truth. I am close to tears, genuinely, truly, in reading Her words.

If You are a Woman, seize this truth, possess it, make it Yours! You are beautiful! You exist because a man and a Woman came together in impassioned desire for each other and thus created a living combination of the things they loved about each other.

Every nugget of gold, every sparkling diamond, every bar of platinum, every ruby, every amethyst, every crystal -- everything to which we attach value, pales and is but dust before the simple miracle of You living and breathing upon our planet.


rp said...

I believe a woman becomes more radiantly beautiful the more she comes to believe in her beauty. I am not talking about haughtiness or conceit. I am describing an inner confidence that can either build or be destroyed.

I also think that women become more beautiful as they mature into their 40s. The beauty of that woman isn't the fresh beauty of unblemished youth, it the beauty of wisdom and self knowledge. I truly believe I am much more beautiful at 41 than I ever was in my 20s.

eastcoastdweller said...

True words indeed.

Haughtiness and conceit requires that one look down upon others in order to declare one's personal beauty.

But true beauty doesn't mind sharing the spotlight -- indeed, rejoices in it.

eastcoastdweller said...

RP, You were surely beautiful then and are beautiful now. It is Your birthright as a Woman.

As You said, awareness without the counterfeit of conceit, enhances and strengthens it.

There is a deep and almost achingly intense beauty about my 83-year-old grandmother, for example, that lines and scars can't touch. She is a survivor of the Depression, a devoted Wife to my grandfather, a quietly devout soul whose life has been a blessing to all who know Her.

Carmen said...

Thank you!

eastcoastdweller said...

Carmen, all the thanks belongs on Your side of the line! You really did make my day!

You should do professional seminars -- millions of Women still need to internalize these words of self-worth and of Their special beauty.