Thursday, July 12, 2007

On Beauty

Only one thing kept me sane through last night’s intensely boring work meeting: the unexpected presence in the row before me of two Fair Maidens, representing a certain non-profit organization.

I found it absolutely intriguing that two Women so very different could both serve as the textbook definition of beautiful: one, a Nordic blonde, small of features, with Her hair pulled up tightly into a bun; the other, a Woman of apparent Mediterranean extraction with a darker complexion, larger features and beautiful black hair that She wore in long curls.

An amethyst can be every bit as lovely as a diamond; a Luna moth and a Monarch butterfly are different but exquisite in their own way; and so it is with the marvel of nature that is Woman.

Whether She be an ebony goddess, tall and graceful of limb from Africa; or a Celtic redhead from Ireland; or a feisty Filipina – planet Earth is glorified by Her presence and sanctified by Her every footstep.

Whether She be a fresh-faced teen or a Woman touched by many seasons, She is beautiful.

What if my sight were stripped away and I could no longer look upon the perfection of creation/evolution that is Woman’s form – the eyes, the lips, the splendor from head to toe?

Then I would still hear Her voice: the dignified phraseology of a Queen Elizabeth; the tenderness of a mother’s lullaby; the achingly gorgeous tones of a Sarah McLaughlin or an Allison Kraus.

What if my ears were to fail, all my auditory perceptions to cease?

I would still savor the scent of Her as She breezes through a room; and Her hair, warmed by the sun.

What if my olfactory senses faltered?

I would still rejoice to share the world with Her and I would still sense and be grateful for, until cold death closed over me, Her gifts to humanity, the golden thread that Woman weaves through the tapestry of life.


Chase March said...

I still don't know what beauty is. I have found that people can become more beautiful once you get to know them. I have also found the reverse to be true.

...amarpreet said...

Who are you ecd?
What makes you so different?

I feel as if my attempts to praise your post (and the rest of your blog) would fail as what you have written is just awe inspiring!

I don't know what else I could possible say to you ecd, you amaze me.

Signing off as...a fan.

eastcoastdweller said...

I'm just an ordinary guy, 5' 10', brown hair, etc., etc., Empress.

But I am blessed enough to have learned at an early age that something very wonderful seems to happen to a human being born with the XX chromosome.

To realize that Woman walks upon this earth in beauty, Goddess incarnate, Something different, Someone special.

To crave the sight, sound, scent of Her -- all three billion or so of Her in the world -- and to treasure Her words and deeds, to acknowledge and support Her aspirations, and do whatever I can do in my little way to beat back the tide of negativity that, as You said, tells Her She's not thin enough, smart enough, pretty enough, to be beautiful.

To realize that my greatest joy and purpose in life would be to serve Her, not vice versa -- whether it be protecting my little Sister from bullies or holding a door for a Stranger.

I look back on umbrellas shared in the rain; a can of drink happily shared with four thirsty girls I barely knew on a dusty college hike -- germs be damned!-- ; packages carried; smiles exchanged; places yielded up in line; and upon all the sweet Female faces that have passed in and out of my life and blessed it richly.

I am blessed too, to have discovered that this fervent belief of mine can finally be fully expressed through this thing called a blog.

I have recently obtained a picture of my Grandmother from Her wedding day and She was indeed a beautiful bride. I look past the lines on Her face now better than before, and see the Girl that is still Her soul and pray that that soul will live forever.

I think perhaps that there are more guys out there who feel as I do -- I've met two of them today.

Long live the day when we outnumber the misogynist morons of the world!

...amarpreet said...

No, not ordinary ecd...not one bit and that's what makes you and guys like stand out. As much nonsense women have to deal with in trying to achieve someone else's idea of "beauty" there aren't nearly enough of your type yet so yes...long live that day when the morons are outnumbered.

As much as you tell women they are beautiful and appreciate it you also have to accept that you are not ordinary but extraordinary.

(P.S. Do as the Empress says or 20 more!)

eastcoastdweller said...

Well, thank You for the compliment. May I have the extra lashings anyway?

...amarpreet said...