Thursday, July 26, 2007

India makes history

Perhaps I haven't been paying enough attention to the news this week. In fact, if my eyes hadn't caught the small paragraph on some back page of the metro paper, I wouldn' t have known that India has inaugurated its first Female president this week, Pratibha Patil.

The article states that Her post is largely ceremonial and that Her election "has elicited only a lukewarm response from many women who ... don't feel that she represents them."

Still, it's history and it's something to celebrate. How many Women did this reporter query to come up with that line?

Pres. Patil vows to empower Women and to end the practice of aborting Female fetuses.


chipazoid said...

Oh bah! I was saving that article, was totally going to write something on that. Curses, ah well ecd you beat me to it.

...amarpreet said...

Definitely history in the making...a woman India!!! Seems everyone wants to write about it, you'll see my post on this soon as well.

eastcoastdweller said...

I will look forward to both of Your posts on this subject.

But Adena has cursed me. Perhaps my brakes shall fail on the drive home or I shall inhale the spore of some loathsome lung fungus.

May the gods have mercy on my soul. (o:

...amarpreet said...

May you only have to inhale second hand smoke...hidden reward perhaps?

eastcoastdweller said...

Capnolagnia is both secret pleasure, a perfectly legal indulgence, and a torment, Empress.

One who professes to feel as I do about Women, cannot help but be conflicted, even angry with himself, about such a thing.

Whether or not the cancer link is as strong as most people believe or as weak as Adena has said, we all know that smoking isn't health food.

But the deep currents that run within a person, begin early in life and do not operate according to rules of logic.

Not one person beyond this blog has any clue about my feelings -- and I have never encouraged anyone to start smoking, nor bought a video from, or a membership to, any site that would pay a Woman to smoke.

It's a disappearing habit anyway -- when it is extinct, there will be no one like me, and few people will know that there were ever people like me.

...amarpreet said...

Oh I only meant that to be a joke ECD, please don't take offense. I figured since you had been cursed then why not a second or two of something that won't hurt you like brakes failing.

eastcoastdweller said...

Sweet Empress, now You know better than to think You can offend me like that!

I took Your light-hearted post and turned it into a serious discussion and for that I am the one who should be sorry.

Guess I am just feeling some of the conflict that capnolagnia causes for me. Maybe a trip to a hypnotherapist could yank it out of my pysche for good.

...amarpreet said...

Never, ever be sorry for what you write ECD, it is what you write, how you write that makes us all your fans!

chipazoid said...

Meh, there's no point if everyone's written about it already. Hahaha, I didn't curse you, somewhat. Oops.