Thursday, July 26, 2007

Isis continued

So this is the continued vision for this site, keeping in mind of course Chase's advice not to make it the exclusive subject:

Also noting that I am not so conceited as to think this blog will be the biggest or the best or the be-all, end-all, as the saying goes.

But what I want to do is to provide links, in a special section, to every possible health concern that Women have, from Their hair to Their toenails; in another section, to provide links to various groups of, and for, Women such as N.O.W.; in another section, to focus on business and career links that specialize in assisting Women around the world, such as the microbusiness concept.

Your related blog comments (please keep sending them!) on these subjects will also be bookmarked and highlighted.


Dawn said...

Sounds like you need a full website then!

While I support whichever direction you choose to go, I hope I won't lose out on your musings!

A single post about your viewpoint on women is worth 10 links to issues we are aware of. :)

eastcoastdweller said...

I'm too techno-dumb to be anywhere near putting a website together any time soon, no worries, lovely Dawn.

Ah, You already know my viewpoint on Women. I sort of think They're kind of okay to have around. I sort of kind of think that The universe just might revolve around Them.

Dawn said...

I can help you with the website, if you'd like.

As for your viewpoint, you know women need to hear it, repeatedly. :)

eastcoastdweller said...

I'd love some advice on how to get a website started, O Red-Haired Friend of Many Dogs.

And if it is true that Women need to be reminded often of the beautiful miracle that They are, I'll be happy to refresh the message, because I believe it with all my heart.

Dawn said...

It's unfortunate, but true - at least for me. (It's to counteract the constant barrage of bad messages that make it through. ;) )

Email me privately and we'll talk about the website...