Wednesday, July 11, 2007

She's goin' to Kathmandu!

Ah, how this attempt to retain anonymity chafes and confines! But I have no one to blame but myself.

I have a friend, who for the reasons above I cannot mention by name, who has earned a certain, very prestigious scholarship, which I also cannot name for the same reason. How I would love to praise Her publicly, beyond the mention that She has had in our local paper.

I can say that because of this scholarship, She is going to Nepal and will do a world of good there. She is an intelligent Woman (please pardon the redundancy), as well as friendly, compassionate and curious.

Not an American native, She retains a delightful Eastern European accent but navigates English quite well.

I am so happy for Her and I am excited about what I hope to learn from Her in emails when She arrives in that country about which I and most Americans know so very little.

What I do know about Nepal – home of a sometimes violent Maoist insurgency that has only recently reached a peace agreement with the government – makes me realize that my friend, in addition to the above-noted qualities, is also brave.
Much has changed since Bob Seger sang about “going to Kathmandu” to escape problems in the U.S.


Lance said...

seriously. not all women are intelligent. to say so would be indulging in wistful ignorance. be a little fairer. just my opinion.

madhav Rosyara said...

Great !! Very very warm welcome to her.we are ready to help her even so that she could feel easy here. thank you.
madhav rosyara