Thursday, August 9, 2007

No time this morning

I usually try to answer comments in the evening and add a new post in the morning now, before I head off to work.

But last night sucked, if you will forgive the crude expression, and so I'm behind. Long, long meeting. I did try out what I read in the paper recently, to drink a Sprite beforehand -- apparently there is some chemical in lemons which stimulates alertness. That chemical or perhaps the distinct fear of being fired, kept me quite awake through the whole thing.

It's horribly hot here. I had a can of soda, unopened, in the car yesterday and it exploded as I was sitting at a stoplight. I lie not. It's that hot.


Princess Banter said...

I hear you about the meeting. This week, we've been so short handed and entangled with a lot of office politics, that it's really getting to me. We've been staying at work so late... and all I basically do at home now is literally shower and sleep -- and then repeat the vicious cycle of working... working and working. I'm so exhausted.

Rebecca said...

Sorry you're experiencing a rough spot at work! One consolation, though: air conditioning you don't have to pay to keep running. It was tremendously hot in NYC yesterday, but we have a reprieve today. Back to the broiler tomorrow, so they say. Ah, the dog days of summer!

eastcoastdweller said...


I HATE office politics! And so I am very sorry to hear what You are enduring. I hope that You get some time off this weekend to recuperate. Exhaustion is not a proper state for a Princess!

Rebecca: It seems like this time of year, the whole east coast, from Your Big Apple to the sunny sands of Florida is one indistinguishable fog of horrid humidity.

It's supposed to cool down here on Saturday. High of 90. /o:

Rebecca said...

Ah, but here in town, relief. It comes in the form of a cool rainy day, but that is just fine.

eastcoastdweller said...

I heard y'all had a tornado up there in Brooklyn recently.