Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday Afternoon

This afternoon, I grabbed the only other man in the house who wasn't glued to the Chicago-San Diego football game and we took little niece-in-law for a nature walk in the woods behind my home. (The Women on this Southern side of the family are very traditional -- not interested in such a jaunt at all.)

It's important that She make such memories -- that She learn the feeling of a tree's bark against Her palm and cool river water flowing over Her toes. Of course, nature also includes the itch of mosquitoes and the occasional thorn raking at one's arm.

She saw a tiny toad near the edge of the creek and a large black swallowtail butterfly. She climbed upon boulders and tried to make jewelweed snap at the swamp's edge. She gathered hickory nuts and pretty rocks and kicked over a mushroom before I could stop Her.

I think She had a good time.


Chase March said...

I fully agree. Take the kids outside. Go for nature walks. Appreciate nature. Don’t just let them stay home and play in the backyard. Go explore. Good job ECD!

leslie said...

I was told by a mountain woman that jewelweed was the only thing to fix poison ivy. Jewelweed and poison ivy grow side by side in most instances, so when I found myself having to pull poison ivy, I immediately washed and then slathered myself in jewelweed. I never got one little bump. I think nature provides antidotes to the 'bad' stuff right where we need it.