Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Book is here

I am a happy little boy. B&N has just notified me that my special-ordered Volume 1 of Plutarch's Moralia has arrived. At some point this week, I just need to drive the 15 miles to pick it up.

I have reached a difficult point in my reading project. Aristotle, whom I read a few years ago, was the first to make me realize I might have to someday modify my plan to read every book ever written, in chronological order. For Aristotle wrote a lot. And I spent a lot of time wading through his works -- though I am glad that I did. How could any thinking human being not want some acquaintance with the man who so profoundly and for so long influenced the mind of the Western World?

And Plutarch wrote a lot, too, I have discovered -- his Moralia is in about 15 volumes. My tiny house has not room for them all, nor my bank account the means to acquire them -- and our pathetic excuse for a public library doesn't have any of his writings at all.

What to do, what to do?

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Ayn Rand gave honor to Aristotle, the great thinker, in titling sections of Atlas Shrugged with these references :-)