Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My blog recommendation for the day

Especially as we contemplate life and death, war and peace today, I recommend a visit to Rebecca's blog, where Her latest post begins:

"Where Have All the Flowers Gone is a folk song written by Pete Seeger around 1961. The inspiration for the song came from a Ukrainian folk song referenced in a novel by Mikhail Sholokhov, And Quiet Flows the Don.

"Seeger wrote three verses, and adapted it to a tune. Some time later, Joe Hickerson wrote two more verses. I remember hearing several versions of the song when I was a little kid: one by the incomparable Joan Baez, and one by Peter Paul and Mary. What I remember most, however, was my mother's virulent hatred of the song."


...Kat said...

I am reminded of a song back in the days Golden Days of Folk....the Chad Mitchell Trio (that John Denver joined for a while) had a song on their album--- a peacenik version of When Johnny Comes Marching Home.....called Johnnie I hardly Knew Ya.

I easily found a wiki reference to it but have done no further research on it
go to wiki


I am going now to pull out my VINYL record of it and play it on my RECORD PLAYER to refresh my memory of all its lyrics

...Kat said...

could not find it
know I have it
went through the stacks twice

ah heck... it is in the iTunes store
as Johnnie
by the Chad Mitchell Trio

I need it for my iPod now

Rebecca said...

Thank you for the mention, ECD.

Rebecca said...

and you know, I just saw that I screwed up my tenses. back to edit....