Thursday, September 6, 2007

New concept for this blog

I had an idea this morning, an exciting idea – perhaps fueled in part by my happy mood since Sweetie’s sinus infection appears to be very minor this time. Thank heaven for Advil and the 24-hour Walgreen’s that sold it to me late last night. I’d crawl into hell on my hands and knees or at least make a middle of the night drive for my Goddess’ sake.

This blog exists to celebrate, adore, empower, uplift and rejoice in the magnificence of, Women. Not just magazine models – all Women, for every Woman in the world is beautiful in Her own way, a being of incredible power and potential and worth.

That is why I exist, too, to share this important message, and it is my joy and my passion.

Lovely red-headed Dawn (whose blog I have not visited in a day or two – sorry Dawn, I promise to visit tonight!) has offered me technical guidance in setting up a website that will be dedicated to the above goal, in a way that a blog cannot.

But this blog will continue along with that site. And I had an idea this morning to share the steering wheel.

What if Isis could become a true community where trusted Ladies who visit here often, could have posting privileges alongside me, posting whatever came into Their brilliant minds, plugging Their own delightful blogs shamelessly, adding appropriate links, adding resources that They, as Women, believe are important for other Women?

Can you imagine the cybervoices of possibly hundreds of Women, sharing each other's concerns, offering advice on everything that matters to Women, right here on this little blog?

I am so excited about this idea that I could burst. What do you all think?


Laura Stamps said...

What a FANTASTIC idea!!! Where can I sign up for this (grin)?!!

Much faery love to you today. My goodness, you deserve it!

Chase March said...

I don’t know why but community blogs don’t seem to interest me. I enjoy reading someone’s blog because of their personality and style. Something seems lost when there are too many contributors.

That being said, it could work. I think the website might be a better forum for that. You could use discussion boards. Just an idea.

Melanie said...

Sweet man. This is an idea with merit!!! I am looking forward to your success in this venture.

BTW. Go to my blog, and send me an email, so I can send you and email with your interview questions.

thank you for your participation. :hugs:

thailandchani said...

I think I'm with Chase March on this. Getting to know an individual is important.

Have you visited WomensSpace yet?

You might like it. I know I do. :)



Open Grove Claudia said...

You rock - Good idea. Lemme know if you need help.

Carmen said...

You can absolutely use the quote in my post.
Thank you!

eastcoastdweller said...

I have come up with a way to do this that takes into account the sugggestions of Chase March and Thailandchani.

It's to create a Sister-blog to this one, devoted exclusively to the ideas I mentioned above.

You can peek at it, such as it is so far, at:

Every Woman who has linked here so far -- and perhaps a few selected men -- will be given the opportunity to be a partner on this blog. Add Your links, Your postings -- whatever ideas You have to make this blog useful to You and other Women in the world.

LAYDEE D said...

Hate the idea! JUST KIDDING! I support it wholeheartedly and say GO FOR IT!

Dawn said...

Whatever your little heart desires my friend! Let me know when you want to start working on it. :)

p.s. - no worries on the blog, I haven't written anything interesting in a while. ;)