Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Don't go away!

Several times, and now again recently, a good blog friend of mine has decided to end their blog. The reasons differ in each case but my feelings are the same: sadness.

I don't understand it. My regular blog friends are just as real as any of my non-blog friends. And the way my life is, I spend more time with blog friends than with most other people. I know most of your real names, some of your birthdays, your likes and dislikes, even the names of some of your children.

You've advised me and I have advised you.

And then, for whatever reason, some of you just disappear. It's as if a "real-world" friend decided to move away and never to write or call or visit.

Whatever the pain, whatever is going on, your sincere blog friends can talk with you about it and maybe help you feel better. Behind these computer screens, we are all real people.


Trisia said...

Sometimes you just feel the need to go away.

Internet is weird. It gives a feeling of closeness that's artificial and yet so strong.

Maybe sometimes people leave precisely because they've shared too much of their real selves. After all, many people blog so that they can say whatever they want, and still be anonymous. After a while, when people start knowing your real name, your likes and dislikes, your favourite books and pet peeves, it's possible that you feel pressured to maintain a certain image. Which is what you tried to escape in the first place.

How's that for awkward and convoluted (should get a high rating on that Blog thing)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I agree with you - it's so weird when someone takes off. Yes, I have a "real life", but I can't imagine not having the internet! :)

eastcoastdweller said...

Trisia, your words are, as always, so very wise. I started this blog to talk about things that I like, to have the kind of conversations that I would have with good friends, but without the possible repercussions of conversations in the real world.

With time, just as you said, this has become a real world of its own and Isis has developed an image that I feel constrained to protect.

Janice Thomson said...

I have disappeared a time or two, usually for health reasons. Real life has a way of interfering and since I accept it in my own life I also accept it in others. People need a break now and then and almost always come back feeling rejuvenated and/or inspired again. As much as I enjoy the interaction of the internet I don't like to be tied to it and when that feeling happens I just bow out for a little time to myself.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I accept that it happens and people have their reasons for stopping. Still, I miss them. In one case, someone found love and is busy building a new life together. What can we say but "God bless" and hope that they might return to share their new lives with us again one day.

Chase March said...

I think that anyone who gives up on their blog owes their audience an explanation. I don't think that's asking for too much.

It wouldn't take much time to type up a brief entry that explains your absence. It would make your readers feel better and not worry about you.

Just a thought.

ndpthepoetress - Jeane Michelle Culp said...

The blogosphere I could leave a thousand times, earth perhaps once; but You my Friend – I would never depart from. So mark not the days upon any calendar, for when I thirst for intellect, humor, etc. - I have but to read your posts. When I hunger for a reminder that despite my flaws and ailments - I am a Woman, I need only to visit FLOW. And when I need a gentle reminder of whom my Friends are, I need never look far for I know you are here. eastcoastdweller, this is indeed a most precious gift you have given so many of us, a place in the blogosphere to call ‘home’ and I Thank You.

eastcoastdweller said...

Jeane Michelle, You are always welcome here, and at FLOW. And You have my email address, too, so please keep in touch.

eastcoastdweller said...

I guess my whole thought has been, that some of my blog friends are as real to me as any friends outside of blog world, and I could never understand if such a friend just decided to disappear and cut all of the strings of our attachment -- in essence, say goodbye and disappear into oblivion.

Trisia said...

It could be for the best, sometimes. I think... perhaps.