Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thoughts domestic and political

My Sweetie found a couple of nice tops at Kohl's yesterday and I was happy for Her. She's very picky about outfits and doesn't buy for Herself very often.

Of course, any man truly in love enjoys nothing more than indulging his Lady.

I'm baking bread again this morning. It will be a treat to smell that as the rain comes down again outside. Hope the garden isn't drowned.

She's in watching the Seventh Heaven dvd I gave Her for Her birthday.

I am contemplating a column that I cut from the paper the other day, by a member of the Occoneechee-Saponi tribe of Virginia. The writer's point: that only when Europeans invaded the New World, did political boundaries become imposed on the landscape, lines which it was forbidden for certain peoples, most especially Native Americans, to cross. The majority of illegal immigrants across these new borders are actually Native Americans of varying degree. An injustice.

I agree with him to a point, and the European impact upon the Natives was indeed a disgrace and a horror, even genocide.

But as for political boundaries? Those were here before. Capt. John Smith of Jamestown learned early on that an invisible line just west of the present-day city of Richmond, Virginia, marked where Powhatan's domain ended and Monacan rule began. A trespasser across those lines would not have a happy fate.


Foster Communications said...

I do love the smell of fresh baked bread. I should have made some today. The smell would have been amazing.

Actually, heck with it. I'm bored. I just might go make some cinnamon rolls for my coworkers.

And the immigrants? I'm in the minority but I hate that we have borders and limits. I say it would take a helluva lot for me to want to leave my family, my culture, my language. I think the immigrants in the this country are brave and they're simply looking for a better life, a chance at life for their children. This is a nation of immigrants. Who are we to decide who is worthy of being a neibhbor.

Ok, I'm going to get off my soapbox and go make some bread. :)

Janice Thomson said...

@ Foster Communications ; well said - I agree with you completely.

"We came, we saw, we conquered' seems to be a running theme throughout the world's history. If a Native American or a Jewish person or an Arab chose to live beside me I'd be honored and want to learn everything about his/her culture. I would not follow it because that is not who I am but I sure would respect it and perhaps even borrow an idea or two - and hopefully they'd respect mine too.
It's a very complex issue, immigration, but it doesn't have to be if people truly respected one another and didn't try to control each other.

mermaid musings said...

I am so happy for her and very proud of counting you as a friend who cares so deeply for his beautiful sweetie ;-)
p.s. do not change your amazings ways of being and your doings