Thursday, April 17, 2008

Two minds

I like to think, as I browse my personal library in my leisure moments, that my fingers are touching the greatest minds in history -- both men [that's for You, Molly!] and Women.

But great minds do not live forever, do not communicate themselves, solely through the printed word. We see, we experience emotion, wisdom, genius, also through art.
So I can touch a chipped bit of rock that was once in the hands of some ancient arrow-maker and feel of his or Her intelligence. So I can let my eyes follow the curve of a ceramic piece that I bought from an artist several years ago, and contemplate Her mind.

I bring to your attention two artists of whom I know: Ela, whose works are sometimes enigmatic, sometimes astounding; and Nivi, who draws with something of an Impressionistic feel. Both these Ladies are, through Their work, sharing with us something of the genius and complexity of Their respective minds.

What I find truly wonderful is that two people can take the same medium and create completely different beauty with it.

What I find truly wonderful is that this also reveals how silly it is to put all Women [men too, I suppose -- that's for You again Molly (o:] in the same box, to believe that They all think alike, act alike, have the same likes and dislikes, etc.

Ela's a good blog friend and Nivi is someone who needs to be on my blog list -- I communicated with Her briefly when my blog was new but only rediscovered Her blog today.

Ela's work is found at She's in a cosmic mood this week, as this painting of Hers reveals:

Nivi is at

I'm out of time to blog any more today. But if either of the above persons visits this post today, I'd like Your permission to post samples of Your work here to help make my point.


Ela (braveheart) said...

You have my permission.
Now, I'll go and visit the other artist.

eastcoastdweller said...

Thank You, lovely Ela.

Maria said...

Lovely picture...

the walking man said...

Just taking a walk through. Good work by the artist(s).



Nivi said...

First of all, thanks a lot! I dint know that my pictures would make you write a post. I'm thrilled and I give you full permission to use my pics if its that worth :-)

Nivi said...

I have been visiting your page for quite sometime. Was a silent spectator until you caught me with your widget!