Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Brilliant blog friends

I found a new toy on Jessica's blog. It's supposedly a way to rate the reading level required to read someone's blog.

I'm wondering if the thing operates like a fortune cookie or a savvy clairvoyant -- utterly at random or with the desire to flatter.

For Isis got a "genius rating."

Which means, if it is true and not some kind of eenie meenie miney moe thing, that not only should I feel quite smart but so should every one of you who visits and comments here.


Janice Thomson said...

I saw this before and both times it never worked for me - you must have to have a blog with a certain amount of writing on it.

Foster Communications said...

Way to be a genius. You should feel rightfully smug for at least a day or two. :)

Rebecca said...

Hi, ECD. I am going to go to her site to check that widget out :0

Back. and not disclosing the results. I think I am offended.

Oh, and you weren't kidding about digging through old material. You went DEEP! Thank you for your kind words.


eastcoastdweller said...

So the widget confuses verbosity with genius. Well, it wouldn't be the first time in history anybody ever did that.

Rebecca: Certainly, You are welcome.

Trisia said...

Hi, Ecd.

I tried it before you did! (Also from Jessica's blog -- thanks to your plug.

Trouble is, it doesn't mean you're a genius, it means that your writing takes a genius to decipher, which is a completely different thing (I ought to know, I rated the same).

It's basically supposed to count words with one/two/three/four/five or more syllables. The more big words you have, the higher you'll be rated.

Oh and I'm not sure about the accuracy of the results, as this is more of a hidden spam scheme -- when you embed it in your blog, it comes with a tiny ad link.

Trisia said...

And remember that we come here and read and comment because we already think you're smart.

(And I should be given a diploma for the nastiest comments)

eastcoastdweller said...

So it's like the title of my post. It's all about you all being smart enough to wade through my tortured prose and not go insane in the process.

Big words are not the sign of a good writer or even of a smart brain. Any idiot with a thesaraus (see, I can't even spell the damn word) can write that "observable pulchritude impacts the optic system of the male in such a way as to motivate cranial locomotion."

Trisia, sorry, you get no diploma for nastiness. You are as sweet as rhubarb pie. The nasty award goes to a certain Anonymous and his prize is to be deleted each time he spills his sewage here.

Trisia said...

I have no idea what rhubarb pie tastes like :/

And now we know whose blog it was.