Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We're okay

The tornado that hit Virginia yesterday touched down to the south of where I live. No one was killed, thankfully, although a lot of people were hurt and the area is a mess.

I spent the evening attempting to keep the peach tree from drowning, as the unfinished landscaping excavations I've been working on around it have made that area lower than the rest of the yard. Low elevation plus drenching rain = instant ponds.

Finally, I had to gather up all the chunks of the old lawn, the sod, that I had shoveled out last Saturday and pile them around the tree to help soak up the water. I'm trying to grow a peach tree, not rice!


Janice Thomson said...

Wow thank goodness you are ok! Tornadoes certainly do a lot of damage - we even get them here in Canada now and then, the strongest are F3 and occur only once every few years.
Hope the peach tree makes it :)

Kat said...

scary scary weather! I hope the recovery for all affected will be as quick and painless as possible!

Trisia said...

Glad to hear you're all right.