Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ECD attempts to explain himself

I have a message to share.

I do blog about trivialities quite often but from time to time I will return to my themes.

I installed one of those widgets yesterday that gives me an idea what kind of blog traffic I am receiving and from where. It may be annoying to some of my visitors but it makes me happy to see that I am getting some readers from all over the world.

I am not perfect. I am about as far from perfect as Boston is from Byelorus. But I have ideals, and one of my main ideals is that Woman is the best idea that the universe ever had.

Some of my regular readers perhaps get tired of it. That is one reason why I created a Sister blog, For the Love of Woman, which serves that theme exclusively. But every now and then, I let it spill over into this blog, Isis.

I repeat, I am not perfect. I have arguments with my dear Wife from time to time. I find that there are a few, a very, very few certain Women in the world whom I simply do not like. But yet, I have an ideal and I strive for it, and that is to devote myself, for my whole life, to uplifting that amazing being, Womankind, whoever She is, however I can. And that means each and every Woman on the planet. Shape, size, age, background --- it does not matter, there is simply a certain magic in what an XX chromosome creates, each and every time.

If they gain nothing else from it, I hope that visitors to this blog (and to FLOW), if they are men, come away thinking about their relationships with the Women in their lives and resolving to treat each of Them, at minimum, as equals, fully worthy of respect, fully capable of achieving amazing things. For myself, living with a quiet realization that Woman is even just a bit superior, mortal yet still a Goddess, gives me a certain joy as I go about my life. Hence, the capitalized pronouns.

For my blog visitors who are Women, I hope that You are helped, via this blog, to stand a little taller, to love Your amazing selves a little more and to resolve more strongly to achieve Your fullest possibilities.

In me and more other men than You might think, You have a determined advocate, who will uplift You and applaud You until my last breath escapes me.

It is not about altruism or being noble or pretentious. It is about a way of life that genuinely makes me happy. It began when I realized that a sincerely spoken compliment not only brought a smile to a lovely Feminine face but also made me feel very, very good. It continued through my years of schooling, with more and more such opportunities unfolding. A loaned umbrella or help with homework, a cold soda offered to quench a Lady’s thirst, those were little things but joyous nonetheless.

I was as giddy as a kid with candy the time a certain military colleague of mine got out Her wallet, after I had stood Her nightlong watch on post for Her so that She could do something instead that She really needed to do, visit Her family before Her transfer or something, I think. Such substitutions were not unknown but we all generally paid dearly for them.

“I’m just glad You were able to go home,” I told Her, flatly refusing Her fifty dollars.

It was a happy, happy moment for me.


Molly said...

That was a very kind thing to do. Some people just don't get it--that to do something kind for someone is not always a favour. Kindness gives more to the doer than the receiver. You are wise to have figured that out. While we're being honest here I have to admit that your adoration of all females can be a little creepy. Not sure I should admit to feeling that. We're all people, male and female. I would prefer to be liked because I'm a decent human being than because I happen to be female...just sayin'!

eastcoastdweller said...

Molly: Thanks for Your honesty. I do have guy friends and I know some really great men.

I try to be thoughtful in regards to guys, too. I hold open doors for people regardless of their gender and I will lend a hand if I see some guy needs help.

I drove a somewhat scary looking guy to his home late one winter evening after his truck slid off the road.

So no need to be creeped out.

I would like You just fine if You were a guy. Being a Lady just happens to give You bonus points.

Janice Thomson said...

I think it's delightful that you treat women the way you do. In this day and age where the female is considered such a sex object it's nice to hear from a man who thinks of them in terms other than their body. I love the way you talk about your wife as if she is an equal - to me that speaks volumes of your compassion, understanding and loving soul. I see the same in Lgs too.

eastcoastdweller said...


Thank You SO MUCH for Your comment. I think You truly understand the way I feel. I'm not a stalker, a sex fiend, a park bench drooler.

I simply became aware early in life of two important facts:

One: Women are amazing, wonderful beings -- fully as intelligent and capable as any man at doing anything to which They set Their minds.

Two: That via the evil of faulty traditions backed up by brute force (the only area in which men have the edge over Women), Fact Number One has been suppressed for as long as brute force has been in charge of humanity.

As humanity matures, and as it finds more intelligent ways to get things done than through raw violence or the threat of violence, those artificial barriers, those corrupt traditions fall.

And what do we find? That a veritable legion of capable Women are surging forth to take Their rightful place in civilization.