Saturday, October 27, 2007

Return from oblivion

Hello, dear blog, I am back. I have missed you. I know, it's only been three days but it feels like forever. I hope my job will ease up and let me have some of my evenings back, sometime soon.

I needed a Saturday like today. Took Sweetie to the local mall. Been so long since we've been there that we both got a shock: Her favorite store was missing. Or rather, had been relocated to a different section. My bookstore and my hot sauce shoppe were still where they've always been. I tasted a sample of "Scorned Woman." It was wonderfully hot but the flavor behind the heat was just bitter. Maybe one of these days I'll fork over the 18 bucks for that evil-looking Black Mamba sauce -- it has a great flavor and the little bottle is just so cool.

If it weren't for those three shops, Her Hallmark and my two favorites, that mall would be a worthless place to visit. Nothing else but clothes and jewelry.

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...Kat said...

well I do like rings :-) but since my jeweler is the best I can shop nowhere else