Monday, October 1, 2007

Isis does not burn witches

A friend of mine who practices Wicca has been slammed on Her blog today for that. How lame.

Do these same intolerant people freak out if a Hindu moves next door? Do they foam at the mouth to discover that the nice old Japanese gentleman down the street practices Shinto?

Wiccans (please be respectful enough to call them what they want to be called, not some derogatory old slur, same as you would like for your religion)do not huddle round cauldrons of newt eyes and bat wings. And they're not in the crop blighting business.

If you harbor some deep belief that they are lost souls on the road to hell, fine, you are entitled to your opinions. But do you really expect to win their souls back with threats, insults and imprecations?

I'm not Wiccan. But I will afford its adherents the same respect that I do adherents of Sikhism, Catholicism, Judaism, etc. There's too much hate in this world -- stop feeding it!


Chase March said...

The only thing that can stop hate is love. We need to show compassion and caring to other people. We need to respect diversity and different beliefs. Imagine what the world would be like if we all acted with compassion most of the time, if we actively worked towards this as a goal. What a world that would be!

Laura Stamps said...

Thanks, ECD! You will always have a loving place in the leafy folds of my heart. Sending many faery xoxox and lots of faery bliss to you today!!

PixieDust said...

I do not understand this type of intolerance, this type of ugly...


Ian Lidster said...

I think you can blame much of the bad press Wicca and its advocates get on Shakespeare. Seriously, the three witches in Macbeth became the prototypes for all cliches about the evil of witches. Ironically, however, the witches in the play were not evil, they were seers. But, people construted them differently, and negatively because they were ugly.
Samantha Rules!

Open Grove Claudia said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. SMACK (that's a kiss):)

Rebecca said...

Hate in any of its manifestations is abhorent to me. I just don't get it at all, especially in terms of spiritual beliefs. Isn't it ironic that every religion gives lip service to peace, tranquility and respect and yet the individuals who make up the body of the faithful belie those tenets with their behavior on such a routine and predictable basis.

I am not a strict Catholic by ANY stretch of the imagination, but one line of the Act of Contrition (the one said during Mass, not the one said at the confessional) has merit:

I have sinned through my own fault; in my thoughts and in my words; what I have done and what I have failed to do.

Every nasty thought, word (spoken or written), every mean thing, or turning of a blind eye to evil besmirches our own souls. You'd think we'd strive to keep them as healthy as our bodies.

Ok. I'm done with my soap box now.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


As I've said about prejudism and dissention in the past;

"We are humanity, get over yourself already"

No one is any better than any other.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Carmen said...

A couple of people emailed me to let me know that I was a pagan..
I have compassion, open mind and love, that's my religion.

eastcoastdweller said...

Perhaps it is better to be a pagan than a polygon, or a paragon, or a pair-of-pants or a pantaphobic.

Lance said...

I also think we needn't hate those that do huddle around cauldrons chanting things though...
Although, yes, I'd avoid them too..but until they threaten somebody else, let the cauldron-gatherers smoulder.