Monday, October 8, 2007

Fear -- an unfinished post

What do you fear?

I fear typical things: icy highways, hypodermic needles, extreme heights, being cut with knives.

People who do not share one's fears can be extremely annoying as they ridicule you or offer misguided advice -- utterly failing to understand that fear observes no rule of logic and is an extremely powerful force.


Braveheart ( Ela) said...

oh, how it brings back the memories... I am not sure I want to go ther tonight, but speaking about needles.. I got my fair share of it while being a young girl..always , suposedly sick, stick with a needle of a 'cure'..\\\\
forgive me , I'm a bit "in a spirit of thanksgiving'toninght.

happy thanksgivving to all!

eastcoastdweller said...

I keep waiting for them to come up with a less intrusive way of getting vaccinations and such into us.

Chase March said...

I'm afraid that as I grow up and mature that I will lose myself.

I'm afraid that I will one day not be able to look after myself.

I’m afraid that the Internet will crash, blogs will go silent, and I will lose my online network of friends.

Trisia said...

I'm kinda afraid of Alzheimer's (Possibly because I've seen people in all stages and it ain't pretty). I hold my mind and memories very dear and would not wish to lose them.

Lance said...

I fear only fear itself now.
And that the day will be over too quickly. Perhaps death, loss of time.