Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pondering salt

I am a strange duck, a weird little crumpet. Since I first learned about the elements in the universe, back in school,they have fascinated me ... helium, barium, uranium, etc., etc., the building blocks of the universe.

Tonight I am pondering sodium, one of the crucial elements of life. We all must imbibe of this metal to keep our cells humming happily.

Sodium marries carbon and creates soda. Not the brown fizzy stuff in a bottle that people drink because they like dental caries. Rather, the white powder that sits in a box in the back of your refrigerator absorbing the stench of onions and old fish.

Soda once led a more glamorous life. For the ancient Egyptians, it served as soap. And it was a vital part of sacred purification ceremonies, for the living and for the dead.

"Thy heart is pure, cleansed is thy front with washing, thy back with cleansing water, thine inward parts with soda and natron ..." (Papyrus Louvre N. 3284, Book of Breathings).

It may seem odd and grotesque to our Western minds, but the Egyptians believed that this soda was the saliva of the gods -- and that, to them, was not a bad thing.

I think about Jesus, next door in Israel, some years later, using saliva in some of his miracles without the recipient or witnesses apparently being horrified, and wonder if similar concepts were at work ... but that is digressing.


...Kat said...

Salt ---- a powerful substance in ancient times

and an early 'chemical agent' in ancient times... in their wars.... the sowing of salt in an enemy's fields to destroy a population's, a nation's ability to feed and sustain themselves

Laura Stamps said...

Salt is a very magickal substance for Witches. We use it to seal a magickal circle for ritual and/or protection. And we use salt water to cleanse negative energy from objects. I always say: "Salt has been very very good to me!" *grin*

Sending you lots of faery xoxo today!

Open Grove Claudia said...

I'm a really salt in tolerant. Amazing too because salt is in everything. And the less I eat? The more sensitive I have become. My doctor scratches his head. Sigh.

Maybe I'm just so pure of soul??

We went to the Denver Art Museum Friday and saw an exhibit from the Louvre. There was a statue of Isis that was alive - had a real presence. Even D. said that it had a living energy to it.

I thought of you.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

You went from sodium to soda to the Egyptians to the saliva of Gods to Jesus.

Allow me to similarly digress from Egyptians to Dance like the Egyptians by the Bangles and to tell you that I am tagging you to write an interesting account about yourself related to dancing.

Braveheart ( Ela) said...

statue of Isis, I have to find it on google and have a look.

I wonder if I as a nonwitch or someone who has not much of a knowledge about it, can use a salt and make a circle of protection.
I guess I could, as it is about the power of the salt not the power of the witch, right?

Have a good day

eastcoastdweller said...

Claudia: Awww...

Laura: It sure clears out the negative energy of a sinus infection.

LGS: Okay, I'll take you up on that tonight.

Ela: It would definitely protect You against killer snails.

leslie said...

Salt and household complete without them. Soda...used dry is the most effective non-abrasive abrasive for cleaning the gunk of a price sticker off of something like glass, or plastic. Use as toothpaste. Cleans out the coffee pot if used semi dry as a scouring powder. Cleans silver jewelry to a nice shine, as does toothpaste.
Salt and lemon juice make copper look new. Really Rub the copper bottom of your pots with that old half lemon that's in the fridge, and then cover the pot bottom with salt. Let sit, and rub with the lemon.
Or, and I know this is super wierd, use catsup instead of lemon. Catsup cleans copper....smells funny for a bit. Works a charm.
Salt and soda. Gifts of the Gods.

eastcoastdweller said...

Leslie: That's positively amazing stuff!