Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Chocolate and germs

According to the Associated Press, a study in the Journal of Proteome Research finds that "people who crave daily chocolate show signs of having different colonies of [intestinal] bacteria than people who are immune to its allure."

This study raises several questions:

What the hell is a proteome?

Where did these researchers find people immune to the allure of chocolate? Did it involve shovels and a cemetery?

And since the Western world has only known the delight of chocolate for 500 years, what did that germ do in our tummies before it was introduced to the stuff? Make us crave mead and barley cakes?

Or did Europeans get this germ from kissing Aztecs?


LayDdee said...

How funny are these pics!! Makes me crave it all the more. lol

eastcoastdweller said...

Ah, then You are afflicted with the germ!

leslie said...

Aztecs, it just had to be the kissing and the Aztecs...

Open Grove Claudia said...

I hate chocolate. I think of it as poison.

Mead however? Yum.

Laura Stamps said...

Kissing Aztecs...HA! You crack me up!! Okay, I guess I haven't been kissing any Aztecs lately, because, like Claudia, I don't eat sugar or chocolate (the poison thing). But I highly recommend kissing faeries. Big fun!


Carmen said...

I enjoy the pictures.
I LOVE chocolate!
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Carmen said...

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