Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Strange dream

I had a short but odd dream last night. Funny rather than the usual horror scenario that my brain cooks up.

I was entering Costco (a big wholesale discount store) when a large Woman passed me in a great hurry. She had discovered that they were serving Italian sausage samples.

"I love sausage!" She yelled.


Nadiyya said...

Okay, i have worked a LOT on dream interpretation, let me have a go.

How do you react to obese women?

I think she represents abundance and indulgence. I don't know you well enough to know hown this relates to you.

All dreams tell you something about yourself. Does it say relax and enjoy?

Or does it say regulate your diet?

If the message is unclear, ask for another dream.

leslie said...

That was ME!!!!

Rebecca said...

Funny dream! Glad you weren't awakened by anything truly frightening.

a few nights ago, I dreamt that a plane was flying low overhead--too low--and people were using the inflatable slide to jump out of it. What the???