Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I am a terrible blogger. I have learned the hard way to stop making blog promises. I get asked to do memes and then somehow never follow through. I've even been given a few awards here and there, that I have utterly failed to mention or even for which I have not properly thanked the giver. And I do not visit my blog friends or answer responses nearly enough.

Lyn ( gave Isis an award last week that I just noticed today. I absolute adore Her blog and all that it stands for and I have got to make a habit of going there daily, as it uplifts me everytime. I encourage all my readers, male and Female, to visit Her site and visit it often.

Here is Her header: "IT'S A WOMAN'S WORLD
Women are the backbone of the world! We carry the weight of the world on our perfectly sculpted shoulders, we carry the waters of birth, we carry on the family tradition, plus, we are gorgeous, sexy, sassy, and may be domesticated, or NOT!!!! Many men have reminded me that it IS a man's world, and, that is fine... I was not being literal when I named this blog, when I designed this blog, I was thinking that within this blog, lies a woman's world..."

The only quibble that I have with that header is that Lyn should not be letting any man tell Her "it's a man's world." Then again, with the current state of the world, thanks mostly to poor male leadership and decision-making, perhaps Women should wonder why men would be so proud to claim the world and so quick to make such a statement.

Another interesting thought. Twice now, people who are unfamiliar with me have read my blog or my comments elsewhere and mistaken me for a Lady. I am a guy, definitely a guy, very much a guy and happy to be the gender that I am. But I will say, and I mean it, that the intelligence, the strength, the incredible qualities of Womankind are such that I certainly don't take those assumptions as an insult but rather as an honor. However, it is an honor which I cannot claim. (o:

Do not be so surprised that a guy, a rather ordinary guy, could believe so strongly in the worth and the beauty of Women. There are more of us enjoying this enlightenment, than one might at first believe.

Our code is simple: The Women in our lives will be treated with absolute respect, adoration and devotion, cherished, indulged, uplifted and celebrated on every possible occassion. Publicly, we will acknowledge that Woman is in every respect equal to man and support every law, measure and movement that works towards that goal. Privately -- and when it is appropriate, publicly -- we know that the truth is, Woman is not just equal, She is superior to man in every respect, a Goddess to whom we render quiet worship in our souls and hearts.

We will never insult, degrade or put down a Woman. In the workplace, we will never stand in the way of Her advancement or support any glass ceiling. We will celebrate Her strength, not fear or denigrate it.

We will extend this joyous enlightenment to EVERY Woman, regardless of age, background, education or appearance.

We know that something magical and wonderful, beyond explanation, happens to a human when the conceived particle of life takes on the xx chromosome pattern, We of the xy persuasion daily count our blessings that at least half the population is thusly blessed and we cherish our every interaction with said persons.

Some men call us "whipped." I am utterly unconcerned about that. My enlightenment brings me nothing but joy.

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