Friday, February 1, 2008

On to Albania

I did a lousy, lousy job with my geography project in January. I didn't upload a single recipe or make contact with any Afghan bloggers. I did learn how to say hello in Pashtu, asalaam alaikim. Which is, of course, an Arabic borrowing and I already knew that phrase.

Nonetheless, it is now February and I will move on, on to the next country, and try to do better.

So, on to Albania.


Rebecca said...

Some of my husband's best friends are from Albania. Really wonderful people, with some interesting customs. When one of the wife of one of the younger sons became pregnant, a green garlic sprig, similar in appearance to a scallion, was given to all to eat with dinner for luck to the unborn. And judging from the smells emanating from the apartment 2 floors under ours, some very yummy food!!!

eastcoastdweller said...

Rebecca, it sounds like we will both enjoy learning a little more about this small but historic country.

I have already found one Albanian blogger who I hope will post on Isis soon.