Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Hottie and the Nottie

I've just seen a preview for some new movie based on the premise that a guy has to find a date for an ugly Girl so that he can pursue a pretty one.

Ugliness is apparently defined in this movie as bad teeth, bad nails and a birthmark. Those are all things that can be remedied relatively easily. I don't know yet, having only seen one preview, whether the plot has the guy learning to see past these attributes and/or whether She gains a boost in confidence and fixes them.

But it is ironic that the "pretty" Girl is Ms. Paris Hilton, whose less than endearing personal habits and personality, are well-known. Dare I say, pretty is as pretty does?


chipazoid said...

Heh, so wrong though. In lots of hollywood movies, they hire gorgeous actresses to play the frumpy girl and then you fix the bad stuff about them and voila! They're fixed, they look just like every other barbie. Nice. Message it sends? Shrug.

Rebecca said...

Seems to be another complete waste of celluloid to me! I do think I'll pass.