Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A shameless plug

I don't lightly link blogs to mine. They have to demonstrate versatility and intelligence, seasoned with humor. I skim through about a dozen blogs a day -- hey, I'm a fast reader, it's a gift -- but only make a link about once a month.

Currently, the two most active blogs on my daily read list are chasemarch and ilovesquishingants. The former is a teacher who not only blogs about that subject, but also about his love of hip hop and other cultural phenomena. The latter is a student of biology, genetics and such, and She blogs about life, love, science, religion and a dozen other subjects.

The blog world can be at times a desert of dullness -- endless baby photos, emo whinings and celebrity gossip. In the blowing sand, the gems are sometimes obscured.

So here's a suggestion to any and all of my readers. Check these two blogs out and add your thoughts to their conversations. Help to abolish unjustified obscurity.

We'll all go away enriched.


Chase March said...

Thanks for the plug. I appreciate it.

eastcoastdweller said...

My pleasure. As a fellow writer, nothing is more frustrating than a carefully worded piece of writing, whether a column, a short story or a blog entry, that goes unread.

The more links of communication between people around the world, the less likely we'll be to accept stereotypes or to support blowing up their homes.

chipazoid said...

You're really sweet ecd. Thanks. The pressure's on to live up to your standards.