Thursday, March 19, 2009


I know the difference between due and do.
Just as I know the difference between its and it's.
Sabbath and Sabaoth.
Your and you're.

But I just sent out an all-hands email to our school district declaring "do to the inclement weather ..."

And so, though I wish I could blame evil spirits haunting my computer, I feel like a complete moron.

Like a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Like a hoary old Marxist-Leninist still kissing Mao's picture on the wall.

Like one of those dim bulbs who show up with, ahem, gifts and plans for underage girls in To Catch A Predator.

Like high school dropout rock musicians who attempt to articulate government policy.

Like ... well, you get the picture.

Dumb. Dumb as a sack of sand. Dumb as Patrick Star(fish). Indeed, dumb as Patrick Star on crystal meth after dropping out of high school to become a Mao-suit-wearing rock musician in order to impress an investigator posing as an underage girl in a stake-house (not steak-house) somewhere in Anytown USA.



Chase March said...

High ECD,

Your not the only won who gets sum things wrong when typing. Don't worry about it two much. Eye no that I've dun the same thing once or twice myself.

Oops, sorry that's not what I meant to type. Forgive me.

Eastcoastdweller said...

Yes, Chase, butt dew a thousand people sea yore typos? Including a boss who is an absolute perfectionist? Who's already warned yew that mistakes are unacceptable in any whey, shape or form?

Oh well. Tomorrow is another deigh.

Janice Thomson said...

LOL - love it!

kat said...

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Psas Ti ON !

Yes I know that Cringe Feeling. This too shall pass.

I just now edited a post where I had used 'photo' instead of 'picture' .... it was so obviously not a photo... why I had used that word I don't know...