Tuesday, March 17, 2009

odd dillema

So I have opened a Facebook account,which is stupid because I hardly have time for all the projects that I have going now.

It has quickly attracted a nucleus of family, friends and people I know.

I will keep it rigidly separate from this blog as I do appreciate what shreds of anonymity I have left here on Isis.

But maybe some of you bright bulbs can answer my did-I-do right question.

One of my new friends on Facebook, a member of my church, but not someone I see very often, announced today that he is coming out of the closet.

I hope that I have made it quite clear on this blog what my personal opinion is about that: such a step is his to make and not mine to criticize. The world needs more love, not less.

He will certainly lose some friends, though. And unfortunately, as far as Facebook is concerned, he has lost me -- but NOT for that reason, although he will certainly take it that way. And I'm not sure that I can do anything about it, which is sad because I would like to be at least one person who would not cut him off for THAT reason.

But there are certain words I do not use, certain very foul words, either in jest or in seriousness, especially not to a Lady. He does. And I don't want that showing up on my little corner of Facebook.


Trisia said...

Did the person actually announce that by changing their Facebook status?! ... errr, it probably means they'll be checking to see who left and people's reaction.

I appreciate that you don't want to hurt his feelings, but it doesn't sound as if he worries too much about other people's... sounds like a pattern: he likes to shock folks. I mean, if one of my close friends were to use curse words I'd be concerned and saddened, thinking something very bad must have happened, but if someone I don't even know well did it, repeatedly, they'd be out in no time. Sorry.

Janice Thomson said...

I agree with Trisia. I certainly wouldn't want that around either. If he ever questions tell him so. I fail to see where swearing is appropriate at any time.

Eastcoastdweller said...

His actual words on his Facebook wall" were, "I'm coming out of the closet. Sorry, Mom."

followed by a vulgar response involving an anatomical impossibility to some Girl in his circle of friends who deleted him upon hearing the news.

I can only hope that he had informed his Mother previously of his orientation-realization, rather than choosing Facebook as his medium to do so -- although that leaves "Sorry, Mom" unexplained.

Onslaught Six said...
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