Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kids need recess!

Perhaps if enough parents, and those of us who are not parents but cherish children anyway, perhaps if enough of us raise our voices to a deafening roar, then the beans-for-brains people who are stripping away recess for children, will finally get the message:


I shudder to think what would have happened to me if my entire childhood had been spent trapped inside a building. If I could not indulge my fidgets, if some overbearing adult had loomed over me 24/7, I would have lost my little mind.

I am far from alone in this sentiment.


Chase March said...

Teachers need recess too.

The school day is awfully long at times. We all need a break from the classroom.

I know that I sometimes cherish those times when I don't have a duty and my students are all outside playing. I can relax in a quiet room.

The kids need to be active as well.

Recess is a win-win and definitely needed.

Eastcoastdweller said...

What teachers are compelled to put up with these days, Chase, is horrific.

My cousin's Wife is a teacher who just endured a raging, obscenity-laced phone call from some amoeba-brained parent who was angry because their precious little reprobate was denied permission to go on a field trip because of his wretched behavior.

The pond scum parent had the audacity to call this gifted and patient Woman "incompetent."

And of course it hurt, deeply. And of course She couldn't tell the parent what said parent really needed to hear, which would have been, "Please buy a gun, kill yourself and go to h$ll, sir, the faster the better."

Janice Thomson said...

The perfect balance is work and play - for everyone. I can't imagine the scene (or maybe I can ) if teachers did not get a break from students and vice versa.