Thursday, December 18, 2008

Of journalists

Journalists are like flies -- passionately attracted to crap and buzzing around it until every bit has been digested. They are necessary but nonetheless a ^%$#^% nuisance.


Alexis said...

I want to be a journalist. :p

kat said...

now now now

the press and freedom of the press are one of the most important foundations of a free society

this is Earth, not Heaven, and never will be achieved the ideal of perfection whether it be an institution an invention or an individual


Maria said...


Eastcoastdweller said...

Alexis: I was a journalist once. Being a fly has its ups and downs.

Kat and Maria: Oh believe me, I believe in freedom of the press. Sometimes, however, its agents can be very annoying.

Janice Thomson said...

An apt analogy ECD LOL

Trisia said...

It's the frustration behind this post that sounds much more enticing than the text itself.

Oh, no, maybe I'm a journalist at heart! :)