Thursday, November 13, 2008

Your name on the lips of others, your footsteps in forgotten sand

Have you ever typed your Blog name in a search engine?

Every now and then, I do that with mine, eastcoastdweller.

Mostly, it dredges up my visits to my regular blogfriends. Sometimes it reminds me of blogs that, for whatever reason, I only visited once or twice, long ago, and I think about who I was then and wonder if I should rekindle the friendships.

But the strangest thing is to find your name, your blog, mentioned in places to which you have never been. It happens.


Janice Thomson said...

I have seen my name in a few places and often wonder why they never left a comment. A couple of times I'll get a whole group of new people telling me 'someone' suggested they have a look but 'someone' never comments. Weird huh?

Chase March said...

I just tried it and guess what I get? A few sites of mine and a lot, I mean a LOT of pictires or videos of car chases or storm chasers who took footage in the month of March. Arghhh! That's a bit annoying. Oh well.

Eastcoastdweller said...

Janice: It makes a person wonder, how many silent visitors we all get to our blogs, and what they think of what we write.

Chase: Try Silent Cacaphony and see what happens.