Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Isis in mourning

I have only occassionally ventured into politics on this blog. I can't help but do so tonight. It appears the American people have been swayed by a clever demagogue -- and that never ends well.

God help us.

And God help this conniver who has portrayed himself as some kind of great Messiah in order to win the job of president, in order to convert our great capitalist society into another dismal socialist experiment, doomed to fail or at least to see its growth sputter and die like an old lawnmower. History teaches, messiahs who can't keep their promises soon see their mobs of supporters change into a sea of human fury.

Isis is in deep mourning.

I close with the lyric from Nine Inch Nails which has been running through my head all evening:

"Bow down before the one you serve.
You're gonna get what you deserve."

My last question is, who the hell is he going to blame for all the evils in the world once the designated whipping boy George Bush is no longer around?

Isis is in mourning and it may be a while before I feel like writing again.


Molly said...

America has been sputtering and dying for the last four years! What's so wrong about trying something different for a change? What we have sure isn't working. I should put you in touch with my F-I-L. You could weep together!

Lance Abel said...

I'm also not a socialist myself.

But perhaps America does need a little bit more socialism right now, though. There are that many poor people out there, so many Americans under the poverty line. If Obama can appeal to the patriotism of the wealthy, he might be able to use a little money in the short-term to prevent the society collapsing like the economy without raising taxes permanently.