Sunday, November 2, 2008

New month, new place

In a month's time, especially when one is as scatter-brained as I am, one cannot possibly come to know a country. Still, I feel as if I drew a little closer in October to the millions of people who call Australia home, and to their history.

Across the world now I go in this new month of November, to the land of Austria.


Janice Thomson said...

Oh that sounds interesting too! Look forward to those posts as I know very little about Austria.

Lizza said...

My sister and her family live in Australia, so it was so nice to read your posts about that country.

May I suggest you look up the Austria section on Some very interesting impressions of expat life in Austria there. :-)

Eastcoastdweller said...

Janice: We will learn together, as my knowledge of Austria right now is based solely on the Sound of Music and some vague recollection of the Hapsburg Empire from school long ago.

Lizza: Thank You. I will check out that website. In my daydreams, I put on a good pair of shoes, pack a notebook, take a potion to give me a couple of good centuries of life, and start walking down the road, getting to know all the good folk from Tierra del Fuego to the New Hebrides.

If I can't visit all these countries of the world as I so would love to do, at least I can devote a little time each month to learning about them.

Lance Abel said...

What're you up to in Austria ECD? Pity it's not Australia.
Take care