Monday, November 10, 2008

Lime flavored Corn Nuts

Tonight I bring my official week of mourning to a close. My country has chosen the sad and discredited combination of socialism plus demagoguery that has NEVER worked anywhere in the world that it has been tried. And there ain't a %$# thing I can do about it. And for anyone out there who knows nothing about me, IT HAS NOTHING to do with race. I don't like redistribution of wealth whether it's foisted upon us by Ted Kennedy or Vladmir Lenin, Caucasians the both of them, or anybody else, anywhere.

I can't believe that everyone, including apparently Obama himself, missed the whole point with his kindergarten crayon analogy. If young Obama wants to give away his own crayons to some needy classmate, that is a wonderful thing and it is called being benevolent and is in total harmony with the capitalist ideal. But if his teacher confiscates some of his crayons by force and hands them out to other kids, that is socialism.

I voted but it did no good. So I will write about Corn Nuts instead. Lime-flavored Corn Nuts. I thought I would be open-minded and try them today. While I can still afford a snack every now and then, before my nation sinks into the shadow-world of socialism.

They did not taste very good. Some kinds of change are not a good thing.


leslie said...

Please don't think that the President Elect invented 'socialism'. We have been taking from one, in the form of taxes, and giving to another, in the forms of bailouts and social security for decades.
If he can get big companies to pay their fair share of taxes by plugging up loopholes, and bringing them home from offshore or overseas, maybe he won't have to raise taxes on people making over 200,000.
I have always wished to be able to distribute my taxes in my own fashion, buying books for libraries, saving land for big green parks, art museums filled with historical artifacts. But I get stuck sometimes with bombs and graft. It really feels like someone commandeered my crayons!
I have been very worried about you since I read of your unhappiness about the election. I hate to think of you being so unhappy.
you are loved, and I hope that the new President surprises you in a good way.

Eastcoastdweller said...


Thank You for the kind words.

People with good hearts can disagree about politics.

I don't blog about it very much, even though my feelings on the matter mean a lot to me, precisely because I know that some of my best blog friends and I are of greatly differing opinions.

Don't worry about me, sweet Leslie. I'm a resilient guy and generally happy. We will either learn a painful lesson from this election cycle and then move on, or, as You said, be pleasantly surprised. Either way, America is bigger and more enduring than one person or one political party.

Eastcoastdweller said...

By the way, I love Your distribution suggestions for Your taxes: libraries, museums and green space. Three of my most favorite things.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all the money that we currently have to spend for national defense, as well as police, courts and even locks and keys and car alarms, could be spent on that which builds up our society, rather than in reacting to its sicknesses?

leslie said...

I think that You and I should be given all the money, and We should distribute it in Our best way!
You and I are not wrong about how to redistribute the wealth!
And I'll worry about you if I feel like it, and You can't stop Me! :)