Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blog tidying up

Gazing around at this little place I tenderly call Isis, I realize that some corners have grown dusty.

It takes me about a month to go through my entire blog roll, because I like to post comments that are more than mere superficiality, and go beyond the top post, on the blogsites of my friends. These days, some of those friends have moved their original sites and I have to jump through a few hoops to visit them -- that needs to be cleaned up.

This also explains why I don't comment more frequently on some of my favorite blogs.

I realize that I have a few good friends who I have not yet added to the rolls, and need to do so.

With great sorrow, too, I realize that other friends have closed down their blogs or haven't updated them for many, many months, or have not visited here in so long that I realize that we have just drifted apart. Those names will come off the blog roll -- but I will add them back in an instant if they ever visit here again.

I guess everyone has to do that now and then.


Janice Thomson said...

Yes, life gets in the way now and then or our tastes change and blogging is no longer a priority.

Miss Healthypants said...

I was thinking today about how some bloggers stop blogging and others start new blogs...and the cycle goes on and on...

And there are blog circles upon blog circles upon blog circles...the "six degrees of separation" theory is just so fascinating to me. I wonder when bloggers I read will cross blog circles? :)

OK, I hope that all made sense. I'm just in a "pondering" mood tonight. :)

Eastcoastdweller said...


True. But I have always been a writer and I love the feedback that comes with a blog.

Miss Healthypants: Thank You for Your comment! Sometimes I visit a blog friend and that blogger knows a blogger that I know, and I wonder if they met through my blog or in some other way.