Friday, April 3, 2009

Thought for the Day

A responsible person does not take on more than She or he can handle.


Molly said...

So, would you say you are a responsible person or an irresponsible person??

kat said...

This is disturbing. I come home from work all ready to just relax and be at peace.... and I check my email..... and see that I am being notified about Some Order Being Shipped Out To Me.... the only problem is- I have not ordered anything from these folk..... Now is someone sending me a gift? Or is this something I am being charged for? Now I have to call my credit card folk tomorrow to see if there is some kind of charge to me from these folk. I hate this!! The only only only Fine Art I order would be a John Cody print.... and I have not done so.... How do these people have my most official of email names????? ugh. the power of the internet to upset and disrupt and rip-off.... If someone is sending me a gift, please do not surprise me!

Notify me that something is on the way please! I do not want to hear such from an unknown third party!

kat said...

OK, I think I know what this is all about :-)