Thursday, April 2, 2009

I don't hate this guy. I wish I WAS this guy.

In a certain year of the 20th century,the same year, two babies were born. One was me, an obscure guy who barely makes the mortgage payment. The other was this guy:

"At the age of 14, EDGE's president and CEO, Jeff Thompson, began EDGE Tech Corp with $2,500 he had saved from a newspaper route in Ada, Okla. With a fascination for the technology market, he began buying and selling computer parts in the Dallas Morning News. Today, EDGE is one of the largest and most respected companies in its industry."

"EDGE Tech Corp, an ISO 9001:2000-certified company founded in 1986, is a leading supplier of computer memory upgrades, portable computing products, storage devices, and other experience-enhancing technology solutions."

In 1986, I was dreaming of only one thing, Girls, and the only technology in my field of interest was a portable radio that I got for Christmas.

I feel SOOHH pathetic!


kat said...

Live in the now and be happy!
With who you are and what you have!

If you had taken a different path you might not have your lifelong love and interest in books.

You might never have met your Sweetie.

His road is his, yours is yours :-) and yours looks mighty fine to me.

Eastcoastdweller said...

Lovely Kat, You always make me feel better.

Maybe making the mortgage payment is tough, but I do love my little piece of land, my books and my Sweetie. Maybe running a mega-company would keep me from these my true sources of joy.

kat said...