Wednesday, April 8, 2009


What does anger feel like?

The burning desire to seize the offending moron by the throat and squeeze until he blubbers and cries for mercy or his neck breaks, whichever comes first.

What does being a grown-up mean?
Stuffing that anger inside of you, seething like a plugged volcano until you can find an appropriate, non-living punching bag and beat the %$$* out of it.

I am feeling very angry right now.


Janice Thomson said...

Oh my goodness - hope you have a large punching bag! Also hope it's something solvable :) Do tell us more - sometimes it's not quite so bad if you talk about it.

Eastcoastdweller said...

After suffering through a five hour meeting at work last night, I reported to work bright and early today, which included a trip up to the capital city in the afternoon.

With just two hours left in the work day, I requested of my employer the chance to finish off the work day at my home, which is near that city, rather than driving 40 miles south to my office and then turning around to drive back home.

My request was categorically denied. Which shows a great lack of trust on his part and a determined effort to ignore the hundreds of unpaid overtime hours I have put in at this job.

So I made the drive and then took my full hour lunch break, something I never do, away from the office, and left promptly at closing time, which I rarely do, and brought no work home with me for a change -- why bother?

When and if this economy turns around, I am so gone from this job.

Believe me, this is just one of a huge, stinking heap of indignities I have endured at the hands of this bonehead.

He makes $100 grand, so a tank of gas probably means nothing to him. I don't, so it does to me.

Trisia said...

I'm sorry.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Throwing darts at the picture of the offender helps me. I usually stick a picture of the offender's head on top of a picture of a donkey and throw darts aiming either between the eyes, on the nose or on the ass. relaxing.

kat said...

feeling better now?

share my good time at the aquarium---


kat said...

tax day


hard to feel good today

except that my monies went to pay for the Navy SEALS' Training!

Eastcoastdweller said...

Thank you all for your commentsI have had five wonderful days at home with my Beloved and away from the rat race -- time to relax some, take care of honey-do's some, and have fun.

I will begin again to post more regularly now on Isis, FLOW and other blogs.

I am not angry any more.

kat said...

honey-dos ... great way to put it!

and I am so happy for you two!