Monday, April 20, 2009


Until about a week ago, I personally knew only one person who was an adopted child -- grown now into a sweet, affectionate wonderful Lady -- and none who had gone through foster care.

Then someone special whom I know, in the funeral for his Mother last week, revealed the poignant, heart-wrenching details of his early childhood. It was a complete surprise to me. For a reason he did not disclose, he was in foster care for a time, able to see his Mother only every few weeks, and he cried on the porch of his foster home every time that She left, wanting nothing more than to see Her again, praying with all his little heart that each car that passed was Her returning.

This someone special has now grown into a sweet, affectionate man, with a good marriage, highly respected in the community.

Now, just moments ago, I have learned that another person I know was also adopted. She, too, is a fine, fine Lady.

So what is my point? Maybe it is just that if you happen to be an adopted child or in foster care and reading this blog, you should never forget that you are just as wonderful and special a human being as any other. You can achieve your dreams and change the world -- google Dave Thomas for one well-known example. Just because you come from a background in which there was pain and loss, doesn't mean you can't achieve stability in your own future, in the relationships that you will build.

I certainly do not think less of any of the people whom I have mentioned above, now that I know their backgrounds. If anything, I love them all more for who they are in spite of the pain that they have endured.


Janice Thomson said...

I too am an adopted child and had a rough childhood as my adopted mother unfortunately felt she had to constantly tell me I ought to be glad I was adopted. However that is all water under the bridge and I feel I am an upright contributing person to society :)

Anonymous said...

Isis herself was thought to have "adopted" Anubis, Nephthys' child, picking him up from where Nephthys, in fear of her husband, had abandoned him.

Eastcoastdweller said...

Janice: I think we all agree with Your self-assessment!

Anonymous: Intriguing ... that gets my mind thinking about other classic adoptees, Moses, for example and even Jesus Christ.