Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Intelligence beneath your feet

How do you define intelligence?

Is it the ability to make tools? To reason out the solution to a problem?

I have been alerted today to the publication of a fascinating book, which almost sounds Star Trek-y in its depiction of the vast and mysterious intelligence living beneath our feet: fungi.

Fungi can colonize bare rock or thrive in a rich forest, or even the walls of your home. A fungal organism can live for thousands of years, be the size of a pinpoint or cover entire acres. They create partnerships with plants and even with viruses, and according to this author, they can possess a sentient awareness of their environment.

The linked article below certainly will get you to rethink these mysterious, ancient and essential "beings" -- neither plant nor animal.



kat said...

fascinating... I will check it out. ty

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

And......some fungi are ever so tasty too! :)

But it is amazing when they form large single organisms.

kat said...

"But it is amazing when they form large single organisms."

Yes, isn't it! LGS!