Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday report

We enjoyed cool but sunny weather today. After taking Sweetie on an assortment of errands, I returned home, grabbed my shovel and began to dig. I planted bush peas and spinach, as well as snapdragons and petunias out front.

A robin watched me warily as I turned over the soil for the peas. I knew what he wanted: the chance to get at the fresh soil and its tasty collection of upturned worms. I informed the bird that I was going to be around for a while and that if he wanted the worms, he was welcome to them but he would have to put up with my presence.

Voles have eaten my tulip bulbs. Oh well. I'm not liking the suggested solution: to bury broken china around the bulbs. I'd surely lose track of it and end up in the hospital with a nasty laceration -- for I am the type of gardener who must get my hands down into the dirt, break up clods by hand, get a feel for the soil in my own fingers.

The peas, if rabbits don't get to them first, should be delicious with a recipe that I found which blends them with mint and feta cheese -- my favorite kind of cheese.

Tonight I tried to rectify my blog absence of late with excursions to visit Rebecca, Ela and Jean. Tomorrow I'll be knocking at the doors of Chase, Ian, Maria and Janice. You've been warned!


Janice Thomson said...

I'm like you ECD - can't wear gloves or worry about my nails or anything else - have to get right in there and feel the wonderful soil and let it run through my fingers.
See you tomorrow LOL.

Rebecca said...

ECD, thank you for you foray into my part of the world. I have been a little remiss...something I hope to rectify today.

I, too, like my fingers in the dirt. I don't like gloves for anything other than warding off cold. That said, I could not surround bulbs with broken bits of anything in order to ward off voles. My hands would be far less injured than that poor beast's mouth!