Monday, March 3, 2008

Gina's wheels

Two things to know about my state of Virginia:

It has the highest number of personalized license plates of any US state.

The abbreviation for the University of Virginia is U VA.

This morning, I happened to notice a license plate that made me shake my head and wonder: How the blue blazes did THAT one get by the censor?

Apparently, “Gina” must be a big UVA fan. Ergo, her plate read: UVA GINA.

But the person driving the car must have been Gina’s boyfriend, or maybe had stolen the car, being very much a young dude, with sideburns and a backwards-worn baseball cap.


chipazoid said...

Kind of doubt Gina had anything to do with it.

eastcoastdweller said...

My thoughts exactly, Adena.

Janice Thomson said...

Amazing what people put on their plates... an attention-getting device for sure.

Chase March said...

Did he mean "of vagina?"

Maybe this is a tribute to woman everywhere.

Nadiyya said...

Haha, those plates are so amusing, in Norway we have boring number codes...:)

Rebecca said...

LOL. That's just funny! What an eeeeejit.