Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Now THIS is a real man!

Paul Clay-Rooks, according to the article below, "doesn't describe himself as a feminist."

But this incredible man has set out on a 200 mile walk from Lynchburg, Virginia, to Washington D.C., to draw attention to the plight of Women half a world away, in Congo.

"This was a gut response to a really serious problem," Clay-Rooks said, according to the article.

In Congo, an epidemic of rapes is destroying Women's lives.

"Many have been so sadistically attacked from the inside out ... that their reproductive systems are beyond repair," Clay-Rooks said. He hopes through his walk to raise money for a project called "City of Joy," which will combat the problem.

Clay-Rooks is making the walk in spite of an old basketball injury, and has been reported to be in obvious pain as he struggles to complete his journey.

Now THAT is a real man!


Janice Thomson said...

Couldn't get the link to work after copy/pasting but kudos to this very compassionate soul.

Lance Abel said...

I admire you for your dedication to women's rights, esteem etc. I admire dedication to anything, I suppose. :~) but yeah, a decent enough cause.

However, there's nobody who is more of a real man than Chuck Norris. Haha. I just came across these jokes about him the other day, thought you might like them. Hilariously stupid.

chipazoid said...

You and your chuck norris jokes!

Rebecca said...

I was just reading about the Congo recently. There is a woman who has come to prominence helping her country women deal with this atrocity..I just cannot recall her name right now. I wish this gentleman well on his journey, and pray it is not in vain.

eastcoastdweller said...

Chuck Norris is good to Women. Chuck Norris is not good to bad men. Therefore, Chuck Norris is a real man. Chuck Norris did not put me in a headlock and vow to shatter my spine in order to coerce this statement.

Real men value Women, uplift Women and treasure Their company, Their insights, Their intellects and Their safety and security.