Thursday, March 6, 2008

Things that suck

"Watch your speed coming home," my Sweetie warned me today. "They're cracking down on speeding on I-95."

They're always cracking down on speeding on I-95, those blue-siren vampires. Always zinging someone who is keeping to himself, no danger to anyone, while the jackrabbits and lane-weavers keep right on their joyful journey of jerk-fullness.

Where were these fine officers this morning when a big truck loaded with scrap crap was hogging the left lane {ILLEGAL!!!), firing debris like bullets across all three lanes of traffic? (UNSECURED LOAD -- ILLEGAL!!!)

Sure enough, even though I stayed as far behind the scofflaw trucker as possible, a good-sized chunk bounced off the roof of my car and scratched right through the paint. I'm just lucky it didn't traject lower and shatter my windshield.

I was so sorely tempted to do what my little brother does when truckers -- and it's just a certain small number of them, I know -- piss him off. He swings in front of them at the first available opportunity and slows waaayy down for a minute or two, which really annoys them.

I really, really considered it. But it wouldn't have done any good. And I would probably have gotten a ticket for obstructing the moron's passage.


Janice Thomson said...

Gosh you are very lucky but how annoying and maddening when others don't obey the law. Hopefully no one else got that debris in their windshield.

Seemu said...

How mean of them! Hmm! I liked the part where you have mentioned the way your little brother annoys them :)

Rebecca said...

That does suck, ECD, but road rage with a big truck is fraught with more danger than a mere ticket. I am really glad you resisted that urge. And glad that your windshield is in tact!

With my little brother, I tell him, yes, it sucks, he was wrong, you were right, ok...breathe, just breathe...

Chase March said...

I did that once. I won’t do it again. The truck passed me and I thought good riddance. But then he got in front of me and slammed on his breaks. I pulled over to the side and he did the same. No one else was on the road behind us for a while. He almost ran me right off the road because I had nowhere to go and he kept pulling off to the side. I was forced onto the soft shoulder and almost ended up in the ditch.

Now I just ignore the trucks. I know that they have a tough job. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a truck driver. I let them pass me. I figure it is just easier.
That was a close call that I don’t want to be repeated.

eastcoastdweller said...

Janice: I'm sure plenty of folks got whacked by that debris, since it spewed steadily the whole time I was trapped behind the jerk.

Seemu: I worry about my little brother. As Chase noted below, some truckers don't take kindly to such treatment.

Rebecca: I need to remember that myself: breathe, just breathe.

Chase: That's quite scary. Somebody made a horror movie a few years ago about two young guys who ticked off a trucker as they were traveling -- and he followed them, bent on bodily harm, forever thereafter.

eastcoastdweller said...

To clarify: I know that most truckers are hard-working, good folks -- the best you will ever meet. I know that some people in little cars give them crap and fully deserve to be run over.

But it's the minority like the one I met who give them a bad name.