Friday, March 14, 2008

An explanation

I feel as if I owe the visitors to my blog an explanation for this week. I have literally had work meetings every single night since last Saturday. I come home, make a little dinner, then crawl into bed.

Somehow, I managed to visit Chase March's site, but that was about it. Thank you to all of you who visited here and commented, in spite of my absence.

Can't wait for Saturday! I'm going to visit an archaeological site.

Blogging posts in my future: the laptop culture, spring in my woods, the start of the garden, more Egyptology and more Plutarch, and, of course, my thoughts after visiting YOUR blogs! Also, Algeria, which is the subject of my long-suffering, monthly geographical study project.


Rebecca said...

Hi, ECD. I've been away for the week, too, nursing a cold. Man, it just won't quit!!

Have a good weekend. I am looking forward to hearing about the archaeological site, and the woods.


Janice Thomson said...

I can't wait to hear about this. I have always wanted to go on a dig!

Chase March said...

Hey ECD. I hardly had any time at all to blog last week either. I was so busy with March Break that I only spent about twenty minutes a day just posting and checking my email.

You didn’t write and I didn’t really didn’t have a chance to read, so it worked out fine for me. I was actually thinking of taking the week off myself. But I am too addicted to this blogging thing. I look forward to reading your posts and your replies. Thanks for visiting my blog.