Thursday, January 10, 2008

Interesting Site of The Day

It is amazing how, even with just a little lunchtime scrap of freetime, I can hop onto the Internet and find the oddest articles, the most interesting bits of writing.

Such as this blog:

A humorous diary, in the same vein as Kenny from Southpark, of the myriad ways in which its author dies daily but mysteriously is alive and well for the next adventure.

How did I find it? I typed "died of thirst" in a search engine, for no apparent reason.


Melanie said...

Sorry, I have been absent so long. Christmas was hard on me. I have returned.

happy new year dear. :hugs:

eastcoastdweller said...

Good to see You back, Melanie. I've gotten behind on a lot of blog visits, too. Visited Scarlett's site tonight, after finishing my chapter in Plutarch. Tomorrow I shall pay Your site a visit and hopefully Pixie Dust, Dawn, Chase, Leslie and Jeane.

Janice Thomson said...

ECD did you go to her other blog
Travel Betty? Her husband tells the story of a lizard in the walls. It is hilarious and very well written.
Thanks for the link.