Thursday, January 3, 2008

Blogging woes

How long will this blog last?

I have several webfriends, once fanatic bloggers, who have not posted to their sites in months. I miss them. I wonder if they have tired of the work that is required in keeping a blog going, if they have lost the passion.

Sometimes days, even weeks, go by, when I don't update my blog either.

It's not as if I don't have ideas. I have folders full of clippings and downloads that I find interesting and about which I would like to comment. Things happen everyday that are bloggable.

I suppose I am just lazy.

I have kept a written journal since 1986 -- sometimes writing daily, sometimes slacking off for weeks. I suppose my blog will follow this pattern.

I'm not going to pull the plug. I do enjoy this outlet, very much. And I especially enjoy the responses that you all provide to me, even if I am sometimes negligent or slow in replying.


Chase March said...

Don’t fret. It is okay to take a bit of a break during the holiday season. I know I did. I just hope that you keep up your blog. I really enjoy reading it.

Rebecca said...

I second Chase's comment. Lord knows I can ill afford to throw stones from my Glass House :) I have gone from over 10 posts per month to maybe 3. Sometimes my energy is just refocused for a while, but the lure of the word always pulls me back...

eastcoastdweller said...

May You never get over that lure of the word, for poorer would this world be without Your witty blog, Rebecca.

Kat said...

thank you for my BD wishes!

I think it is the winter, the season... I feel like just hunkering down, laying low, keeping myself warm ... I am not much inspired right now.

Spring will renew us all.

eastcoastdweller said...

Ah, Kat, I am ashamed and embarassed to have been so absent from Your blog as to be this late in wishing You a Happy Birthday.

No thanks is deserved. Maybe a good smack upside the head.

As the icy winds tear at my jacket and spread debris around the yard, I too am dreaming of warm, fecund spring and green sprouts poking up through the earth.

Nadiyya said...

Same here, I won't STOP blogging, it is on and off, sometimes three posts a day, sometimes three weeks without a post. I haven't blogged much on my english blogs lately - but much more on my norwegian ones.

Ups and downs.

...amarpreet said...

It happens, I've been away as you know but as Rebecca says, it's the pull back.

Lance Abel said...

Heya ECD
Keep going with it. Though I'm often too lazy to comment these days, I do still enjoy reading it.

You could be forgiven for not writing for weeks sometimes.
My confession is that some nights I write like 20 posts, and I gradually "release" them whenever I get back to thinking about something that I wrote. Lame huh.

Trisia said...

Yes, those nasty bloggers, why don't they post already? :P

No worries, ECD, you're probably already too addicted to this blog to give it up.