Sunday, January 20, 2008

Joy fulfilled

Saturday was perfect from start to finish.

Bundled tight against the cold, I followed an expert botanist through a woodland in the heart of our city. I never expected that here in our Virginia flatlands, She would show me a certain plant that is often talked about, rarely seen.

It is trailing arbutus -- a lovely wildflower that bears a heavenly scent, I am told. Of course, what I saw this time of year was just a handful of leaves but I will return to that spot as spring conquers winter, and experience this legend for myself.

Then, from the quiet of that woodland, it was off to the theater with Sweetie and my little great Niece. Of course, She (great Niece, not Sweetie) wanted to blast Hannah Montana on the car CD player and we indulged Her.

She loved the movie Water Horse, shared a DQ Blizzard with us, and then spent some time playing games in the arcade. She was particularly attracted to that awful grabber-crane thing that gives you about ten seconds to try to grip some cheap little squishy toy. She spent about four of my dollars on the damn thing after which I called a halt to the bloodletting.

Oh, but how can one resist the quivering lip and the sad eyes of a six year old who just wants "one more chance, please?" Sweetie implored me as well and Sweetie generally gets Her way.

As She sank another dollar into the machine, I began to silently but fervently pray -- not so much for the sake of my wallet as for a little Girl to make a happy memory.

Scarce had I completed my earnest request of the Power Above when She (the Great Niece, not the Power Above) began to squeal. She had hooked not one but TWO of those squishy balls.

The day was saved.

I drove Sweetie and Her home through snow that was beginning to fall thick and fast, feeling quiet joy suffuse my soul.


leslie said...

Movie for 3...$20.
Squishy toy bloodletting...$5.
Afternoon making an unforgettable memory...priceless!

eastcoastdweller said...

Exactly right, Leslie!

Chase March said...

A nice warm story to start my cold Monday morning. Thanks.

I’m glad you all had a great weekend!

leslie said...

Did you like WaterHorse?

eastcoastdweller said...

I liked it, Leslie. I didn't think, however, that it was quite as "family friendly" as the reviews made it out to be -- giant snapping monsters and exploding ordnance are not things to which I would wish to expose a toddler.

The Scottish scenery was gorgeous, though.

leslie said...

I'm with you on not liking the scary bits.
But then, Alice in Wonderland just about turned me inside out as a little one.