Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good news from China

That's a rare sentence to read. What with lingering Leninist oppression, artificial standards for the yuan, toxic toys and its support for loathsome regimes around the world, I'm not a big fan of the Chinese administration.

But I do applaud its ban, to take effect in June, on free plastic shopping bags.

China joins South Africa, Ireland and Taiwan in such an enlightened measure that will help to curb the epidemic of these turtle-choking, drain-blocking, roadside-blighting, ubitiquous menaces.


Janice Thomson said...

Gosh I wish we had that here. I have personally seen the effects of plastic on marine life - what a terrible way to die.

Molly said...

the campaign to get rid of them in ireland was a huge success! The hedgerows are no longer bedecked......If you want one you have to pay for it and most people now bring their own shopping bags. now if we could only do that here! yes, i'm trying. I keep my supply of cloth bags in the car....... so I don't forget and leave them at home. The trick is to remember to take them OUT of the car and INTO the store!