Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Plate cracking

According to a recent study, which I hope was not paid for with public funds, my state of Virginia has the highest number of personalized automobile license plates, per capita, in the entire United States.

I thought of this today on the commute to work when “luvmusic” tried to cut in front of me. Sorry, luver, rare is the driver who can pull that move on me.

In an incredible coincidence, the car in the next lane over proclaimed “luvtpls.” Love to please? Love topals? Love topless?

I decided the latter was the most likely option. It wasn’t a family friendly message, unless the driver was declaring his/her adoration of convertibles.

I passed “ardiff” next. Boring. Is that really the most creative use of your ten dollar vanity plate fee? Is that your legacy to the world?

“heartpoet” was my last sighting of the morning. How sweet.


Chase March said...

Can you tell me what the letter "3" is doing in a lot of plates?

I have noticed this so many times. I don't recall the actual plates but they usually have "VE3" in them. Any idea?

eastcoastdweller said...

Chase, you might ask one of your students. That "3" might mean something in text-message-speak, with which I am totally clueless.

Rebecca said...

I think that in this age of text message speak, we will see more of those sorts of plates. I, too, am clueless beyond the ubiquitous LOL etc.

I remember my mother's plates from when I was a small child HES 1944 I imagine as time went on, she became less willing to announce the year of her birth :)

eastcoastdweller said...

Rebecca, I bet that You are right on that one. Text speak or whatever the kids call it, is becoming a language of its own -- a second, acquired language for anybody over 30.

Sigh. Yet another means has been invented to remind me that I am no longer young nor remotely cool.

I forgot to mention that I did see another plate this morning: "humbli."

Chase March said...

I read in Frank McCourts "Teacher Man" that it is the job of the youth to push us off the planet. I forget how he worded it exactly, but it ceratinly describes what we are discussing here.

Rebecca said...

Well, ECD, we are only unhip to those 20 years our junior. But to our peers, we are still pretty damned cool. C'est bon, oui?

eastcoastdweller said...

I would certainly like to think so!